It is a pleasure to announce the South Campus Fulltime and Adjunct Professors of the Year 2014-2015! When you see them, please join me in congratulating and recognizing their excellent teaching as this year’s winners for South Campus.
South Campus Fulltime Professor of the Year – Dr. Robert Chalwell, History and Political Science

Professor Robert Chalwell is a fulltime professor of history and political science at Broward College South Campus. His eclectic personal and professional background equips him to be an effective instructor who proactively engages his students in the learning process. In class, he involves students on issues that transcend national and local politics, global affairs, culture, economics, urban, social development, and capacity-building. His broad field of specializations, teaching and scholarly interests affords him the means to inspire, motivate, comfort or galvanize to action with an authoritative and nurturing ease that speaks directly to the hearts of his students. One of Professor Chalwell’s students comments on his teaching: “Professor Chalwell’s knowledge of the state and local government made me reevaluate my decision for my career into politics. He made me set new goals, which hopefully one day is to become the mayor of my hometown.”
South Campus Adjunct Professor of the Year – Rhonda Bobb, EAP/Reading/SLS

Professor Rhonda Bobb has been teaching at Broward College 14 years. She currently instructs for the EAP/ESL, Reading and Student Life Skills department teaching in courses such as Reading, Grammar, Listening and Speaking, in addition to Student Life Skills courses. She taught in the Broward College Academy for Excellence, and summer 2014 she was appointed the South Campus Program Coordinator for BCAE. Her teaching philosophy is “Interactive student participation through empowerment is essential to equip students with the necessary tools to navigate successful learning.” One of Professor Bobb’s students comments on her teaching: “Great professor! She makes sure her students understand and provides you with resources, very helpful she kept our class Active and engaging. Loved her!”

Many thanks to the South Campus Professor of the Year Committee Members – Dr. Richard Bernstein, Co-Chair; Professor Yanick Daniel; Professor Simone Keize and students Valda Garcia and Adriana Brito. Thank you for your service! Congratulations to all of the nominees for their excellent commitment to our students.

Dr. Jose Macia
Dean of Academic Affairs

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