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There is still time for you to get in on #CollegeRead2018! This year we are reading Spare Parts by Joshua Davis, we also have film screenings and an essay contest.
If your class needs the book please contact Associate Dean Andrea Apa, Academic Affairs (ESL, Reading, SLS, English, Journalism) Building 72 Room 104.

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is an UPDATE on a related event.

MFLA2018 - 10

A conversation with Maria Gabriela Pacheco and Jose Diaz

Students will discuss the themes of the College Read book selection, Spare Parts, with discussion/speech with Maria Gabriela Pacheco and Jose Diaz, nationally recognized immigrant rights leaders. Maria Gabriela is also the Program Director of The DreamUS.

πŸ—“Thurs March 22
⏰ 9:45a – 10:45a
πŸ“Broward College Miramar West Center, Open Area CafΓ©
1930 SW 145 Avenue, Miramar
Music🎢 Film🎬 LiteratureπŸ“š Art🎨🎭Festival