Big 📢 Shout Out to Broward College Facilities Management for helping Honors at Broward College build a new Butterfly Garden on Broward College South Campus across from the Art Gallery and Amphitheatre. We witnessed Honor students putting in the time and effort as evidenced by the video. Thanks for the Hard Work 💪🏾👷🏾‍♀️ 👷🏾#HSC Broward College Honors Student Committee  #Honors

These little guys didn’t take long to occupy the garden, less than 2 weeks later…..
Photos by Broward College Student Life South Campus
ButterflySouthSL - 1ButterflySouthSL - 2ButterflySouthSL - 3ButterflySouthSL - 4ButterflySouthSL - 5ButterflySouthSL - 6ButterflySouthSL - 7ButterflySouthSL - 8ButterflySouthSL - 9