Every spring, Broward College’s International Education Committee sponsors a college wide writing competition for the EAP students in EAP0385C, EAP0485C, EAP1540C, and EAP1640C.  Students who participate are given two writing topics and one hour to write an essay on their chosen topic.  This spring South Campus is proud to announce that we have 5 students who have won prizes (tuition credits) in the writing competition.  

Juliana Gallardo won 1st place in the EAP0385C category (Professor Rhonda Bobb).

Itala Fayad won 2nd place in the EAP0385C category (Professor Darenda Borgers).

Steve Aimable won 1st place in the EAP0485C category (Professor Edna Terselich).

Caio Cesar Costa Cunha won 3rd place in the EAP1540C category (Professor Darenda Borgers).

Alejandro Martinez won 3rd place in the EAAP1640C category (Professor Andrea Apa).


Apa_ AlejandroBobb _ JulianaDarenda CaioDarenda ItalaEdna Steve