The Academic Success Center at Broward College South Campus, Miramar West Center, Pines Center and Downtown Fort Lauderdale campus have workshops, reviews, one on one tutor sessions and more. Check Out our Summer of South activities too! SummeratPartner-slide2018[1]ASC SummerHrs-18-slide[1]21MayChemistry Calculations Flyer- Summer 2018[1]21MayMicroscope WS_ Summer 2018[1]29MayFaith - 129MayFaith - 229MayFaith - 329MayFaith - 429MayFaith2- - 129MayFaith2- - 229MayTatian-MWC - 229MayTatian-MWC - 329MayTatian-MWC - 529MayTatian-MWC - 629MayTatian-MWC - 729MayTatian-MWC - 829MayTatian-MWC - 1029MayTatian-MWC - 11ASC SummerHrs-18-slide[1]SummeratPartner-slide2018[1]