Turkey time is over and we hope you had a nice break, but it’s time to start preparing for finals. The countdown has started and the Academic Success Center (ASC) is ready to help you soar to success starting with extended hours.

Hot Coffee ☕️

Coffee will be available in the ASC because we all know a little caffeine helps at this time of the semester. Stop on by and you just might find
Dr. Garcia (our campus president) serving up the java.

We have others de-stressors to relieve your test anxiety. Come by and color your stress away, take a photo with Elfred or just enjoy the java.

Plan out your time in the ASC with a look at the science schedule for the next two weeks.

Miramar West Center ASC

Don’t forget why we are doing this. If December 13th isn’t your date, then your date is coming soon.

What better way to plan for your success than making sure you are on the right pathway.

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