We are into FINALS but the Academic Success Center is here to help you through. Start by coming by for some FREE coffee to keep you alert so you can concentrate on the task at hand. The ASC is OPEN EXTENDED HOURS at #BCSouthCampus and ALL campuses

ASC Extended Hours http://www.broward.edu/ASC
FREE Coffee while you Study

Here are the reviews and workshops for the ASC Science Lab, but every single lab is open, available, and fully stocked with tutors.

De-Stress at the ASC
Finals can be hectic so Coloring is a quick, all-natural, noninvasive way to get your stress under control.

Miramar West Center ASC has workshops and reviews too, be sure to check them out.
1930 SW 145th Ave | Miramar | Room 130 |954-201-8462 

Hit The Gym!
Regular exercise boosts brain health, and a fit brain is generally able to learn, think and remember better. But a few recent studies offer an additional exercise-related tip: time your workouts for just after a study session, and you might better retain the information you just learned.

Study Here To Study There

The ASC supports the classes needed for you to qualify to study abroad. Find out how to make your dreams come true about the possibility of studying in…..


Yes, that is Elfred who you might have seen in the ASC or around campus. Take a selfie with Elfred or take a pic with our #BCStudySmart IG frame, tag @BCSouthCampus on IG, Twitter, or Facebook and win some cool gifts from the ASC like pens, pads, scantrons and a few secret items.

Boxing it up!

Team Green is wrapping up TerraCycle for the semester! We are counting up the final items from all of our student participators. Please drop-off any final TerraCycle items by 12pm Friday, Dec. 7th, 2018. Students must submit their items through the online form to receive credit. 


Don’t forget why we are doing this. If December 13th isn’t your date, then your date is coming soon.

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