Thank You for participating and being part of #EarthWeek 2019 on South Campus. We hope we inspired and empowered you with enough knowledge to continue advocating for Mother Earth’s natural majesty. Through an increase of awareness and interactions with our community, #SeahawkNation, local government and Broward College South Campus clubs and organizations came together to offer some cool events and activities. Together, we were able to showcase the very best our community has to offer. Check out the photos and videos from the event and share with your family and friends.

BCSouth Science Department, Facilities, The Million Orchid Project, and volunteers

#BCProud of our departments, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and community organizations that helped pull all this together. Thank You to Professor Katherine Peach and the Science Department for marking this event every year. Vincent Carignan, Nathan Sade, and the facilities department who make our campus look like a nature preserve every day. Thank You to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden which brought over 500 native orchids to mount on trees on campus. These orchids were donated from the Fort Lauderdale Orchid Society as part of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s Million Orchid Project. The goal of the Million Orchid Project is to reintroduce native orchids into South Florida’s urban environment.

Earth Week on Broward College South Campus

Check out the photo album of all the events here.

International Club with President Haile

Officially, Earth Day is April 22nd, but consider finding out more information about the organizations that were at the Earth Fair and how you can help and or participate. Check out some of the links below or share some cool links in the comments or on our social media below.

This video by Lil Dicky, titled, Earth, went viral immediately after it debuted. Watch the video below and read more about it on NPR.

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