Welcome Back‼️ How was your first week⁉️
Here are a few things you might have missed and events, workshops, and resources you can use this week.

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Come and meet the ASC this week and find out for yourself what we have to offer you. Ask all the questions you want, meet the people your Deans, Associate Deans, Librarians, Lab Coordinators, and the tutors and staff that make it all happen.

The Academic Success Center #ASC has workshops, mocks, tutors, and more to get you through and assist you throughout the semester. Check out the schedules below or make a One to One appointment with a tutor using WConline. You can go to any ASC on any campus! Click here for locations.

Here is the latest information on workshops offered in the ASC.

Getting around campus.
Here is our current campus map or watch the video below to find your way around campus. Click our “video maps” post is you still need to figure out the campus. You can always check previous posts for resources too. Click the highlighted dates below to view post with links to resources.

August 2019

Don’t forget, you have ASC’s at our Partnership Centers.
Broward College Miramar West Center – Room 130
1930 SW 145 Avenue, Miramar, 33027
Broward College Pines Center 
16957 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines, 33331

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Mark your calendar 📆  So many other events and resources coming up, not to mention all the things Student Life has prepared for you.

Opportunities at Broward College South Campus in collaboration with Indemnity Security & Investigations

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