Hispanic and Italian Heritage Month ‘Fiesta at the Piazza’
We celebrate and experience these cultures through a variety of authentic events, music, art, discussions and presentations, Hispanic and Italian film screenings, demonstrations on how to play traditional games like dominos and bocce ball, and most importantly, genuine regional cuisine. Save the date(s) and join us September 15 – October 15 for a month long exploration of the impactful contributions these cultures made on the fabric of our nation and right down to our local communities here in South Florida.

Bookmark this Flickr Photo Album, we will be adding photos as we do each event.

‘Movie at the Piazza’
📆Thursday, October 3rd
⏰6:30 PM
📍Amphitheater #BCSouthCampus
La Banda Grossi 📽️
In central Italy in 1860, a poor farmer forms a gang of rebels to revolt against the government. Dr. Valerio Bartolucci will introduce the film and discuss the socio-political backdrop. Subtitled in English.

Bocce Ball & Dominoes
Join us before the movie to meet up with Seahawks and play some games.
If you don’t know how to play Bocce Ball or Dominoes, that’s OK. Come and learn how to play at the Piazza and or watch these quick little video tutorials.

Beautiful statues and fountains adorn South Campus for ‘Fiesta at the Piazza’. These art pieces are on loan to us courtesy of Rei, from Tropical Outdoor Accessories. Read below on some ways to best appreciate and enjoy our temporary decorations.
Statue’s “What’s my why?”
I represent a maiden or a heroine, a Renaissance copy of a Greek classic. I embody an era hidden in a chunk of marble and then chiseled out by a master sculpture. Statues such as I have adorned gardens and homes, served as landmarks in town squares, commemorated historical victories, functioned as political propaganda, and told stories. Locals say, “Let’s meet for an espresso by the statue of the Roman goddess at the southwest corner of the piazza.” As the group assembles they take pictures, striking various poses and commenting on the talents of my creator, remarking on my proportions, and pondering about my narrative. They wonder out loud why I am standing on a tuna? Or is it a dolphin? That’s how conversations start. I bring people together. It’s a craft my stone and marble ancestors have mastered over the course of history. When earthquakes and wars have ravaged Italian piazzas, the sculptures crumble, remnants are recovered, refurbished and placed in the refuge of museums. I will be the timeless reminder of your appointment to meet your friends to grab an espresso in the piazza today.

Fiesta at the Piazza’ will be updated with some additional video highlights from events, so check back. In the meantime, See the updated photos on Flickr

‘Fiesta at the Piazza’
Mark your calendar 📆  So many events and resources coming up! Student Life and the AHCD Pathway have also organized events to celebrate the rich history and culture of Hispanic and Italian heritage.

Past Events
As a kick-off for the ‘Fiesta at the Piazza’ cultural festivities, please attend a free screening of Coco September 16.  Seahawks, staff, faculty, and our community are also welcome. Children are invited to bring a parent(s). Coco is a story of family and love, but – for this occasion – it is also a fantastic introduction to Mexican culture and Mexican perspectives.  Check out some photos, our poster, and watch the trailer below.

Week 1

🎵 🎶We are excited to host a live music event with Ale Jiménez. Listen and find out more about Ale on her official web page.
📆Thursday 9/19
⏰12p – 1p
📍BCSouthCampus Amphitheater

Our Hispanic and Italian community and community in general, has been so supportive of this celebration and we encourage all to join us on South Campus for ‘Fiesta at the Piazza’.
We are really excited about the the beautiful tall Italian inspired fountain and statue on loan to us from Tropical Outdoors Accessories to add to the ambiance (it will be available for silent auction).  We are fortunate to have other local business partners like The Classic Gateway Theater in Fort Lauderdale who is gifting us some movie tickets that we will be giving away at some point during the festivities. We love the community support of these amazing events.
Thank You – Gracias – Grazie

We are transforming South Campus into ‘Fiesta At The Piazza’ thanks to contributions from businesses in the community like Reis, the owner of Tropical Outdoor Accessories in Davie. Thank You for the loan of the beautiful fountain, statue, and dominoes table to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and Italian Heritage Month. Our facilities team was able to carefully move these amazing pieces to South Campus so that we can give students an authentic cultural experience. Stay tuned for more surprises and exciting additions to this month-long celebration.

Bookmark this Flickr Photo Album, we will be adding photos as we do each event.

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