Mystery Challenge
The Academic Success Center (ASC) is getting into the 🎃Halloween 👻Spirit and turning our labs into a spooky 👻 Scooby Doo episode. We made it really easy for you to answer some simple questions and get some Scooby snacks, and by Scooby snacks we mean candy 🍭🍬🍫 🍪 🍩 but call them Scooby snacks because that’s more fun. Dr. Ivanov has also prepared an ‘Escape Room’ so enter if you dare and know your facts if you want to escape⛓️☠️ Check out the ‘Mystery Challenge‘ & ‘Escape Room‘ details below💀⤵️

🎃‘Fall Fest at the ASC’
Don’t be surprised 👀 or scared 👁️ when you come to the ASC this week💀
we have some spooky decorations in all of the labs. So come by, study, take a selfie, take a group photo and share your Halloween costume with #BCSouth.

Escape Room Challenge ⛓️☠️ 🔗
Can You Escape from Dr. Ivanov? How well do you know your Anatomy & Physiology? 🔬 🔎 🧠 👁️ The Academic Success Center Science Lab invites you to ESCAPE the ROOM in 50 minutes ⏱️ or less☠️!!!

Hopefully our review labs will help you out with the ‘Dr. Ivanov’ situation ☣️
The Academic Success Center #ASC has workshops, mocks, tutors, and more to assist you. Check out the schedules below or make a One to One appointment with a tutor using WConline. You can go to any ASC on any campus! Click here for locations.

Don’t forget, you have ASC’s at our Partnership Centers.
Broward College Miramar West Center – Room 130
1930 SW 145 Avenue, Miramar, 33027

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Broward College Pines Center 
16957 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines, 33331

Looking Ahead ➡️⤵️

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