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Feb 25 Updates

Heart Challenge Update February 2020

Thank you to all the #STEM students that participated in the ASC South Campus Heart Challenge ❣️ The ASC as well as your science professors were impressed with the creativity of the explainer videos. Thank you
Dr. Parkash, Dr. Conrad, and Associate Dean, Dr. Forrester for encouraging students to participate.

The first place winners received some cool swag and a $10 gift certificate from Amazon. The second and third place also got some cool swag.
Dr. Parkash’s class also received a goodie bag filled with pens, chocolates, and other treats for having the most student participants overall.

🥇First Place: Heart Beats (Nicole Novel, Claudia Kruger, Sara Schenker)
🥈Second Place: Hearty Scientists
(Takhmina Dmitrieva, Anastasiia Grygova, Kayla __)
🥉Third Place: Sir Beats A Lot (Crystal Gurainick)
🏅Honorable Mention: Heart Infractions
(Victor Leon, Gregorios Molfetas, Isbeyma Gonzalez)
📸Click here to see photos of some of the winners and participants📸

Our amazing ASC Science Lab Coordinator, Ms. Faith Dehring, is currently formulating a new challenge….stay tuned for details 👩🏻‍💻

Top Left – Dr. Conrad and Ms. Faith Dehring – top right; First Place Winners, bottom left; Dr. Parkash’s class

January 29th – February 12th February is Heart Month❤️
The ASC and the South Campus Science department invites STEM students to demonstrate their knowledge of the anatomy and blood flow of the heart.
The ASC Heart Challenge:
Create a 3 to 5 minute video describing the anatomy of the heart and the direction of blood flow. Complete details, contest rules, and tips, in the ASC South Science Lab 72/237 and the
ASC Miramar West Center Room 130.

Videos and Winners will be announced here after announced in class.

Tips and Resources courtesy of the ASC South Science Lab and South Science Faculty BSC2086 and BSC2086L and adjuncts.
Dr. Conrad, Dr. Parkash, Dr. Acurio
Professors Mizanur Rahman, Frank Puentes,
Linda Abbott, Gericot Saint-Cyr
MWC Faculty, Rm 130
Dr. Angel Rodriguez

BSC2086 Textbook: Anatomy & Physiology The Unity of Form and Function
Author: Saladin
Chapter 19 ; p. 708-717

BSC2086L Lab Manual: Exploring Anatomy & Physiology in the Lab
Author: Eric C. Amerman
Chapter 17: PreLab Exercises 17.3, 17.4
Lab Exercises 17-1, p. 451-455, 17-4, p. 460

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