All Math Awareness Week Events are POSTPONED until further notice!

Broward College  is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our students and employees. Please check the website for the latest updates and resources concerning the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Postponed Math Awareness Week 2020‼️
🗓️March 16 – 20
Please note updates due to the Coronavirus outbreak concerns, we will be posting updates here and on social media as we receive them
Thank You for being patient and understanding. We will share links and information as soon as we have it.

Join the math department as they celebrate, showcase, promote, and share the beauty and logic of mathematics and statistics.
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The Math Department is going to have two events and 3 workshops from 3/16 – 3/20, 2020.
On March 16, we will be celebrating 𝛑 Pi Day. The students will engage with faculty in various “Pi”𝛑 activities to enhance their Pi knowledge, including a “Pi” challenge contest, Pi Dominoes game, etc. “Pi” food will be served, such as pizza and cookie “pi”. This event sparks the interest of students and expose them to non-threatening mathematical situations while fostering a sense of community, which drives student engagement.

On March 17 – 19, faculty members will hold various presentations/workshops illustrating the practical, real-life side of math.

On March 20, The “Math is Everywhere”-themed week culminates in a festive, social-type gathering with students, math faculty, deans, and presenter. Students will participate in math games/contests, learn how “Math is Everywhere”, and have an opportunity to get to know math faculty.

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Spring Break 2020

If you missed last year’s Math Awareness Week Events,
you are irrational (math joke).
Check out some of the 2019 #PiDay days π highlights here.👇

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