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If you haven’t been watching the ‘Clear Direction’ lecture series with Professor Kari Hebert, and all the amazing guest speakers from our community, you can get a really good idea of the topics covered with her radio interview on WLRN. Click here to listen to the interview.

2020 Clear Direction #BC2020vote
Truth In Politics
Peter L. Cruise, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
πŸ“†  Dec 7
πŸ•€  9:30am
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom https://broward-edu.zoom.us/
πŸ“ž Meeting ID: 364 965 7394
FB Event Link https://business.facebook.com/events/763202654281067/

2020 Clear Direction Full Calendar ↗️ #BC2020vote
Welcome to Fall 2020. Our SBSHS Pathway worked collaboratively to offer you interesting political topics. SBSHS hopes to help give you a “Clear Direction” about thinking and speaking about politics, hence the title above. These virtual lectures will encourage an open mind and critical thinking.
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Past Events βŒ› #BC2020Vote

Inaugural Event Wednesday 9/2
πŸ—£οΈ How To Talk About Politics πŸ—³οΈ
Mr. John Hart, founder and president of Dialogues in Democracy, will start the semester off by speaking to student about civil discourse. This is increasingly important given the 2020 campaign season. Mr. Hart’s expertise in politics as a seeker of common ground makes him uniquely capable of giving our students a new way of thinking and speaking about politics. The goal is to start the semester giving students communication skills that will encourage an open mind and critical thinking.
πŸ“† September 2, 2020
πŸ•€ 9:30a – 10:45a
πŸ“ Virtually via Zoom
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The Constitution and Slavery 9/17
Political Science Professor Stephen Balkaran and History Professor Rudy Jean Bart will facilitate a discussion entitled “The Constitution and Slavery”. The discussion forwards the college’s efforts to promote open conversations on race and equity in the nation’s history. At the conclusion of the discussion, students will be able to identify and evaluate two questions, “Was the US Constitution a proslavery document?” and “Is the Constitution holding true to its promises made to all American citizens?
πŸ“†  September 17, 2020
πŸ•€  9:30a
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom

Liberty and Justice 9/22
Our own Professor Smalling delivers an interesting talk. As a former police chief, he will have significant insight into the subject matter and current events happening around the country right now.
πŸ“†  September 22, 2020
πŸ•§  12:30p
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
Phone one-tap: US: +13017158592,,99778853331
Meeting ID:997 7885 3331

Please download the PDF labeled Sir Robert Peel

The Secret Ballot

Dr. Christine Rizzi
SBSHS History Professor
πŸ“†  October 5, 2020
πŸ•§  11a – 12:15p
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
Phone one-tap: US: 
Meeting ID: 962 9931 6667 – Passcode: 979033

Student Village Square
Election 2020: The Impact of Covid on Broward County Elections
πŸ“†  October 5, 2020
πŸ•§  2p – 3:15p
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
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Mr. John Way from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office will discuss the impact of Covid on Broward County elections. He and Prof. Hebert will also lead an interactive conversation featuring state, local and federal issues and candidates important to Broward residents and Americans alike. Student Village Square events are free and open to the public. We invite you to participate in our community discussions.

A Chat About The Issues
πŸ“†  October 14, 2020
πŸ•§  12:30p
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
A Chat About The Issues
Dr. Hurlburt, Assistant Professor of Ethics and Prof. Hebert, Assistant Professor of Political Science will host a virtual discussion on connecting both the ethical as well as political ramifications on various political topics.
Phone one-tap: US: 
Meeting ID: 364 965 7394

The Current Reality Of Immigration In The U.S.
πŸ“†  October 27, 2020
πŸ•§  12:30p
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
Americans for Immigrant Justice

2020 Clear Vision #BC2020vote
β€œMarch to the Vote” – Road to the 19th Amendment
πŸ“†  October 28, 2020
πŸ•€ 9:30am
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
Meeting ID: – Passcode: Phone one-tap: US: 

2020 Clear Direction #BC2020vote
Film Screening –Selma” – A People’s Fight For Justice
πŸ“†  Nov 10, 2020
πŸ•”  5pm
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom
Questions: Prof King πŸ“¨ kking@broward.edu

2020 Clear Direction #BC2020vote
Now What! – Discussing The Results
πŸ“†  Nov 12, 2020
πŸ•§  12:30pm
πŸ“  Virtually via Zoom https://broward-edu.zoom.us/j/3649657394
πŸ“ž Meeting ID: – 364 965 7394
FB Event Link https://business.facebook.com/events/415496106270073/

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