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Keep Grinding Seahawks‼️
We are virtual, working remotely, and off to a great start. We’re asking YOU to dig deep and #GrindItOut, but you don’t have to do it alone because we are here to support you 💯% of the way. Resources, tips, motivation, upcoming virtual events, and so much more are shared below.
There is also a full team of tutors standing by to assist you virtually to help you ace those classes. You have to put in the work though. Make a one on one appointment with a tutor or work with your study group and a tutor and rock those grades. Dean’s list here I come.

We know that many of our students have faced challenges during this pandemic, and Broward College stands ready to continue to support you in your academic goals. Grant funding up to $850 is available to students impacted financially by COVID-19. Check your BC email for eligibility details. Apply by October 27. https://bit.ly/3n0SFQy

Make a virtual tutoring appointment with tutors from the Academic Success Center (ASC) today by visiting one of the following links ⬇️
South Campus and Partnership Centers: myWCO.com/ascsouth
Central Campus: myWCO.com/asccentral
North Campus: myWCO.com/ascnorth

Phi Delta Alpha
Education and Technology Club Presents
Mental Health In School
Friday, October 9, 2020
12:30p – 1:30p

Emil Buehler Aviation Institute Updates
Future Pilots and mechanics, add this to your calendar 📆 and
click here to follow BC Aviation Institute on social and on Broward.edu
October 14 Link:
Meeting ID: 943 4425 1174 – Passcode: Ethics
October 21 Link:
Meeting ID: 949 7621 0091 – Passcode: Ethics

Every Voice Vote 2020:
Creating Equity and Social Justice through Art
with Vicky Rosenthal, Alex Grindle and Paulino Mejia
Tuesday, October 13 | 4 PM
ZOOM LINK: bit.ly/ncow205e

2020 Clear Vision #BC2020vote
📆  October 5, 2020
🕧  11a – 12:15p
📍  Virtually via Zoom
The Secret Ballot

Dr. Christine Rizzi, SBSHS History Professor
Phone one-tap: US: 
Meeting ID: 962 9931 6667 – Passcode: 979033

Remote 🆚 Online

ASC Quick Tips 📝
Watch the videos we posted on our YouTube Channel for quick tutorials on using WConline to schedule appointments with an ASC tutor.

ASC Science Lab
Our lab coordinator and tutors are ready to assist you for Fall 2020.
Make a virtual online appointment today at www.myWCO.com/ascsouth 

Zoom for Student and other Resources
If you’ve had trouble connecting on zoom, here is a quick “How To” to get you online and Zooming 💨

Resources at your fingertips 👇 🖖
Check out all the quick links and FAQ on the student resources page.
Head over to https://students.broward.edu/ on our Broward.edu site

FAFSA Friday
🗣 Prepare NOW to register for Session 4 and beyond. Get your FAFSA questions answered by the pros. We are HERE to HELP!
Click here for more information and to register

Seahawks 🗣️ Don’t forget to pay for your classes.
Tuition Payment Plans are now available, a great option that spreads out your tuition and fee payments over several months.
To enroll visit: https://mycollegepaymentplan.com/broward/
If you have any issues, call the financial aid hotline number
☎️ 954-201-2330 and or email 📧 finserv@broward.edu

This is not your parents geography class 🗺️ 🌏
Immerse yourself into the everyday political, economic, social, and environmental space of places across the globe and the people who live there! Add VR/AR Google Glasses into the mix and you have endless possibilities. And, there is still time, as both courses are offered in Sessions III and IV! Register Here or here https://www.broward.edu/registration

We Are One

The Academic Resources Department is here virtually. We would like to share some highlights of the academic support services the Library, and the Academic Success Center provides.

ASC and Library Websites:
www.broward.edu/asc www.broward.edu/library
ASC tutoring appointments via WCOnline: www.myWCO.com/ascsouth www.myWCO.com/asccentral www.myWCO.com/ascnorth
College Library Services:
https://libguides.broward.edu/librarian_chat https://bconline.broward.edu/shared/Library/libraryresources.html? http://www.broward.edu/studentresources/library/Pages/default.aspx  
ASC & Library Contact Information:
ASCSouth@broward.edu ASCCentral@broward.edu ASCNorth@broward.edu Library@broward.edu 

ASC tutors available on WCOnline:
South Campus and Partnership Centers: myWCO.com/ascsouth
North Campus: myWCO.com/ascnorth
Central Campus: myWCO.com/asccentral

Library Links for flyer below ⬇️

Remember, BC email is NOT the same as your D2L email.
1️⃣ Log in to broward.onelogin.com
2️⃣ Click on: Outlook
3️⃣ Log in: username@mail.broward.edu
🤚 👉 If you have any questions, contact: HELPDESK.BROWARD.EDU

Student ID
If you need your student ID for your classes, you can get one in the Student Life office located in building 68 across from cafeteria. Remember to wear your face mask 😷 and practice 👣 social distancing on campus.

ASC and Library Services

Virtual Classroom Instruction
Online Research Appointment
Live Chat
ASC Tutoring
Online Library Catalog

Broward College Veterans
Click to join the Facebook group and more info.

Join Justin every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. as he takes questions from the veteran student community at Broward College. Justin will share his wisdom and experiences at the college to help fellow veterans as they transition to college life.
You are invited to submit questions or suggest topics in advance by emailing him @ jstuckar@broward.edu
Zoom: https://broward-edu.zoom.us/j/94504656108

Quick Links
http://broward.edu/Qless – Advising, Admissions, Registration, and more
http://broward.edu/ASC – virtual one on one tutoring and group study
http://broward.edu/Library – chat and schedule research appointments
http://broward.edu/Mentoring – peer mentoring with students trained in leadership skills
Updates on ALL events happening virtually in class, on campus, college wide, and student life.

We borrowed this helpful resource list from one of our fav local schools, the Stranahan Dragons Click here to see the list and a helpful link from News Local 10. Please share with people in our community that need a helping hand. #SeahawksPersist

The mission of Seahawk Outreach Services (SOS) is to assist students in distress, who may be experiencing extenuating circumstances outside of the classroom that threaten their ability to successfully enter and/or complete college. If the students have any questions, please contact (SOS) via email sos@broward.edu.

Stay Safe
Henderson House has helpful tips for you.

Do you have a suggestion for the blog? Do you have an event you would like to see here? Post a comment and let us know.
Follow us on social media @BCSouthCampus so that you know all about the amazing resources and fascinating events happening on #BCSouth

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