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Welcome and Welcome Back Seahawks ‼️
If you are new or returning back to Broward College, WELCOME AND WELCOME BACK‼️
We are working virtually, remotely, on campus, and supporting you everywhere you are. If you are on campus, let’s follow all the guidelines and protocols so that we are all safe on campus. Watch the welcome message from President Haile below and listen to all the amazing opportunities and resources Broward College is offering this spring (Lyft rides). Be sure to share this blog and social with other Seahawks‼️

Black History Month
The theme for this year’s Black History Month Celebration is “Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.” Click here to see the full calendar of events and zoom links to the events. Meet a guest artist or speaker, participate in a virtual-live panel discussion, or watch a live performance. This year’s programming will take place remotely due to the pandemic. Click here to register for the very first event Monday, Feb 1.

Nursing Majors 👩🏾‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️‼️
Learn all about the Nursing Pathway and
Join Dean Turpel’s open Nursing Zoom calls
📆 every Thursday
🕦 11:30AM until Feb 25‼️
Event link::

Be Safe On Campus 😷

Are you returning to campus? Take the Pledge and check out essential resources to help you get started.

This BC South Campus blog post is updated daily, so please check back for the latest updates, links, resources, tips, virtual events, tutoring events, Student Life events, opportunities, and more, to assist you in our remote and blended learning environment. Check out the upcoming dates and links below to meet with an advisor and get your student ID.

Upcoming Events

🚨 🚔 Everbridge Link https://www.everbridge.com/products/mobile-apps/download/

Want to study in France?!
Information session from Rennes (France!) School of Business click here to register

Virtual Assistance
Make a virtual tutoring appointment with tutors from the Academic Success Center (ASC) today by visiting one of the following links ⬇️
South Campus and Partnership Centers: myWCO.com/ascsouth
Central Campus: myWCO.com/asccentral
North Campus: myWCO.com/ascnorth

Looking for help for MAC1105C? Click on the link below for this two-part, fast-paced, sequential workshop designed to provide you with a refresher of some of the content you need for your MAC1105C course.https://bc1105c.wordpress.com/

Language/Reading/MFL Lab
SPN GUIDED PRACTICE sessions provided an opportunity for you to work closely with a tutor and other students (8 in total) to understand your SPN1120 language skills.
Make an appointment via www.mywco.com/ascsouth. One on one appointments are also available too!


🆘 Seahawk Outreach Services (SOS) assist students in distress, who may be experiencing extenuating circumstances outside of the classroom that threaten their ability to successfully enter and/or complete college. If the students have any questions, please contact (SOS) via email sos@broward.edu.

Broward College LBGTQ+
students are invited to participate in a virtual support group led by professional mental health providers. Students must be at least 18 years of age and currently enrolled.
Go to hendersonbh.org/t-student-counseling-services/broward/ or
Questions? Call us: 954-424-6916

📚 Bookstore Info and links

Today’s employers need workers with the skills and training to meet industry trends. Increasingly, workers must adopt lifelong learning strategies to keep up with changes in technology, health care, transportation, business, education, and more. Through a partnership with the Florida Department of Education, we offer an exciting opportunity to help you enroll in an in-demand, high-quality workforce program, move quickly, and gain the critical skills needed in essential and emerging careers. Our Rapid Credential programs will help you get there. ALL PROGRAM FEES ARE COVERED BY GRANT FUNDS $0 tuition | $0 fees or costs. www.broward.edu/rapid-credentials/index.html

Join the Next Level Webinar below

Take 12/12/6 to Finish
Let’s look forward to and plan for Spring 2021
Classes start Jan 6. Remember to take 12/12/6 to stay on track to graduate.

Peer Leaders
Attention #Seahawks! Peer Leaders are available to mentor and support you during your academic journey. They are students who’ve “been there, done that” and possess leadership and mentoring skills that will help you achieve your academic goals.
Connect with a Peer Mentor today! www.bit.ly/bcmentoring1

Zoom for Student and other Resources
If you’ve had trouble connecting on zoom, here is a quick “How To” to get you online and Zooming 💨

Resources at your fingertips 👇 🖖
Check out all the quick links and FAQ on the student resources page.
Head over to https://students.broward.edu/ on our Broward.edu site

ASC and Library Websites:
www.broward.edu/asc www.broward.edu/library
ASC tutoring appointments via WCOnline: www.myWCO.com/ascsouth www.myWCO.com/asccentral www.myWCO.com/ascnorth
College Library Services:
https://libguides.broward.edu/librarian_chat https://bconline.broward.edu/shared/Library/libraryresources.html? http://www.broward.edu/studentresources/library/Pages/default.aspx  
ASC & Library Contact Information:
ASCSouth@broward.edu ASCCentral@broward.edu ASCNorth@broward.edu Library@broward.edu 

ASC tutors available on WCOnline:
South Campus and Partnership Centers: myWCO.com/ascsouth
North Campus: myWCO.com/ascnorth
Central Campus: myWCO.com/asccentral

Library Links for flyer below ⬇️

Remember, BC email is NOT the same as your D2L email.
1️⃣ Log in to broward.onelogin.com
2️⃣ Click on: Outlook
3️⃣ Log in: username@mail.broward.edu
🤚 👉 If you have any questions, contact: HELPDESK.BROWARD.EDU

🇺🇲 Veterans Services
Join the veteran student community at Broward College.

Student Life Newsletter

Remote 🆚 Online

Quick Links
We borrowed this helpful resource list from one of our fav local schools, the Stranahan Dragons Click here to see the list and a helpful link from News Local 10. Please share with people in our community that need a helping hand. #SeahawksPersist

Seahawk Outreach Services (SOS) assist students in distress, who may be experiencing extenuating circumstances outside of the classroom that threaten their ability to successfully enter and/or complete college. If the students have any questions, please contact (SOS) via email sos@broward.edu.

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Archive Events

MLK Day of Celebration
Join the conversation led by David Canton, Director of African American studies and associate professor of history at the University of Florida, as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Link to join: https://broward-edu.zoom.us/j/98133428403

The first of our Welcome Back Workshops are happening TODAY as we happily introduce you to your Student Services Lifelines. We have two sessions available today, one at 12 pm and another at 5 pm.
Please use the links below in order to navigate to the appropriate session.
Session 1 @ 12:00 PM https://broward-edu.zoom.us/j/95530500960
Session 2 @ 5:00 PM https://broward-edu.zoom.us/j/99155768029

CLUB RUSH 2021 ‼️ 
📆 Wednesday 1/27
⏰ Noon 
📍Virtual 📡 📶 
Zoom Link