Welcome and Welcome Back Seahawks ‼️
Welcome students, staff, adjunct, and full-time faculty. We are excited to welcome you safely back to campus. We are supporting you everywhere you are whether it is virtually, remotely, or on campus. If you are on campus, let’s follow all the guidelines and protocols so that we are all safe on campus.

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Scroll down ⤵️to find links to all the resources you will need to get the semester off to a great start. Be sure to share this blog and #BCSouthCampus social media with other Seahawks‼️ If you forget, you can always scan the QR codes around campus to get easy access to all of these resources.

Social Justice Week (SJW) AHCD Pathway

As we continue to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., please join the AHCD pathway during the week of January 24-27th for the 2nd ‘Social Justice Week.’ This week is the third in our four-part series, “Come Back: Connected, Collected, Committed & Fierce.”

During this week, we are committed to social justice as we explore social inequalities locally and nationally, to help attendees understand the role they play in the social justice movement and how they can lead from where they stand.

Attendees will hear from speakers/ leaders, participate in thought-provoking breakout sessions, and network with one another.

Let’s Come Back: Connected • Collected • Committed • Fierce!
Click here to see the full #SJW2022 schedule

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The South Campus Gallery will host a new art exhibition entitled GLAM CAMP – by Enrique Cirino, from January 31 to February 25,. Follow Enrique on Instagram @cirinoart and follow the art gallery for more info and updates @bcsouthcampusart

Nursing Opportunities
There are TWO good opportunities for nursing students next week – these should both be “can’t miss” for any nursing student not in class at these times:
Monday, January 24 via Zoom from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. – Time Management for BC Nursing Students. Zoom link click here: Meeting ID: 972 3054 2434 – Passcode: 395221
This is not a generic time management class, this is specific to BC nursing students.
Thursday, January 27 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. via Zoom – Critical Thinking on Nursing Student Exams. Zoom link click here: Meeting ID: 988 5956 1710 – Passcode: 775316
Presented by our own Broward College faculty, specific to BC nursing students.
ALL nursing students are invited!


  • Testing and Vaccinations for Broward College Students & Employees Only
  • Bring ID and a copy of your insurance card (there is no co-pay)
  • If you are uninsured you may still obtain testing and vaccination here at no cost

$250 Vaccine Incentive
The incentive program, made possible through Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF), On-site testing, and vaccinations for Broward College students and staff will resume on January 10, 2022. Testing and vaccination dates and times for South Campus will be held on Wednesdays from 10 am – 1 pm in building 65, room 110. Visit the Broward College COVID-19 website for more information.

ASC Tutoring Services
Make a tutoring appointment with tutors from the Academic Success Center (ASC) today by visiting one of the following links ⬇️
South Campus and Partnership Centers: myWCO.com/ascsouth
Central Campus: myWCO.com/asccentral
North Campus: myWCO.com/ascnorth

Science Lab Bldg 72 Room 237
Have you been to the ASC Science Lab yet? Go there now and ask Miss Faith for assistance with anything science-related. You can also make an appointment online. Here is an easy transition back to your lab courses.
please register at www.myWCO.com/ASCsouth

Math Bootcamp
Looking for help for MAC1105C? Click on the link below for this two-part, fast-paced, sequential workshop designed to provide you with a refresher of some of the content you need for your MAC1105C course.https://bc1105c.wordpress.com/

ASC and Library Websites:
www.broward.edu/asc www.broward.edu/library
ASC & Library Contact Information:
ASCSouth@broward.edu ASCCentral@broward.edu ASCNorth@broward.edu Library@broward.edu
ASC tutors available on WCOnline:
South Campus and Partnership Centers: myWCO.com/ascsouth
North Campus: myWCO.com/ascnorth
Central Campus: myWCO.com/asccentral
College Library Services:
https://libguides.broward.edu/librarian_chat https://bconline.broward.edu/shared/Library/libraryresources.html? http://www.broward.edu/studentresources/library/Pages/default.aspx  

Library Links for flyer below ⬇️

Language/Reading/MFL Lab
Make an appointment via www.mywco.com/ascsouth. One on one appointments are also available too!

Miramar West Center
ASC Tutoring Services
Building 3101 | Room 130, 1930 S.W. 145th Ave., Miramar, FL 33027
Visit or make an appointment online MiramarWestCenter: myWCO.com/ascsouth

📚 Bookstore Info and links

Quick Map to give you the overlay of South Campus
Advising, Cashiers, Theater, Cafeteria, Student Life, Book Store

Quick Map to Bldg 66 Science and Bldg 72 ASC and Nursing

🆘 Seahawk Outreach Services (SOS) assist students in distress, who may be experiencing extenuating circumstances outside of the classroom that threatens their ability to successfully enter and/or complete college. If the students have any questions, please contact (SOS) via email sos@broward.edu.

Zoom for Students and other Resources
If you’ve had trouble connecting on zoom, here is a quick “How To” to get you online and Zooming 💨

Student Life at #BCSouthCampus
Student Life has weekly events to get you connected and involved on campus. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, join a club, get some lunch, and so much more. Check out all the quick links and FAQ on the student resources page.
Head over to Student Life and see what’s next.

Resources at your fingertips 👇 🖖
Check out all the quick links and FAQs on the student resources page.
Head over to https://students.broward.edu/ on our Broward.edu site

No Lines – No Waiting
To meet with someone from the Admissions, Registration, or Advising office, visit Qless http://broward.edu/qless

Remember, BC email is NOT the same as your D2L email.
1️⃣ Login to: broward.onelogin.com
2️⃣ Click on: Outlook
3️⃣ Login: username@mail.broward.edu
🤚 👉 If you have any questions, contact: HELPDESK.BROWARD.EDU

🇺🇲 Veterans Services
Join the veteran student community at Broward College.

Be Safe On Campus 😷
The Department of Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness (DSSEP) is pleased to present a new Emergency Response Guide. The new Emergency Response Guide has replaced the Emergency Quick Guides inside all Broward College classrooms. The Emergency Response Guide provides procedures to follow during emergencies at Broward College.

🚨 🚔 Everbridge Link https://www.everbridge.com/products/mobile-apps/download/

This BC South Campus blog post is updated daily, so please check back for the latest updates, links, resources, tips, virtual events, tutoring events, Student Life events, opportunities, and more, to assist you in our remote and blended learning environment. Check out the upcoming dates and links below to meet with an advisor and get your student ID.

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Archive Events

Broward College will be closed Monday, January 17, 2022, to observe and celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King.
“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrate MLK Day with us by participating in this guest lecture from Dr. Valerie Patterson.
January 13 – 12:30 pm