Social Justice Week (SJW) AHCD Pathway
As we continue to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., please join the AHCD pathway during the week of January 24-27th for the 2nd ‘Social Justice Week.’ This week is the third in our four-part series, “Come Back: Connected, Collected, Committed & Fierce.”

During this week, we are committed to social justice as we explore social inequalities locally and nationally, to help attendees understand the role they play in the social justice movement and how they can lead from where they stand.

Attendees will hear from speakers/ leaders, participate in thought-provoking breakout sessions, and network with one another.

Let’s Come Back: Connected • Collected • Committed • Fierce!

For more Info: Dr. Rhonda Bobb – Professor Jennifer Killam

The Case of the Imposter (Syndrome)
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Dr. Douglene Jackson will present about the Privilege-Opportunities-Performance Paradox and the experiences she had with it during her life and career as a black occupational therapy practitioner. 

Dr. Jackson’s call for action is for everyone that embraces her version of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Discrimination). 

Hair Discrimination (The Crown Act): Discovering Your Roots
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The hair forum will highlight important topics, trends, questions, and other significant issues around hair. It will also introduce the Crown Act, CA Senate Bill 188, which is a law that prohibits discrimination against hair. 

Critical Reentry Theory: Supporting Formerly Incarcerated Individuals
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Dr. Richard Louis will present on issues related to formerly incarcerated individuals’ reentry into society. Specifically, he will discuss the challenges related to the initial and ongoing reentry processes.

The Unknown: Colored and Missing
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This panel discussion will address the issues brought up in the HBO documentary series Black and Missing.  

Activism 101-You Can Make a Difference
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Faculty Librarian and zinester, Dawn Stahura, will present on what activism can look like, how to get involved, and how zines play an important role in how we share our stories for change.  

The Role of Language in Educational Equity
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This panel will discuss how linguistic discrimination and bias impact education in the U.S. Specifically, it will explore Black English, also known as African American English, and the ways in which speakers of Black English are marginalized and misunderstood in contexts of schooling. 

Making Ends Meet: A Discussion on Generational Wealth
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This event will discuss the historical perspectives of economic disparity in minority communities. Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre will be discussed and will provide context for contemporary issues in black business ownership and entrepreneurship. 

Language and Law Enforcement
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This panel presentation will highlight the different discourses among minority communities and law enforcement in order to promote understanding. Law enforcement professionals from the local community will share their perspectives and panelists will promote a dialogue of resolution and healing. 

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